moves with the times and reinvents the concept of safety

Outstandingly smart
  • Made in France: our products are not only designed in France, they are also entirely manufactured in Europe.
  • 3V lithium battery for a 10-year self-sufficiency*

* Battery included. Refer to the warranty conditions in the user manual

Outstandingly designed

Its perfect design will surprise you in its simplicity.

  • Prix de l'Étoile Observeur Design 2014
  • This smoke detector is the thinnest and the most compact one on the market: only 3 cm thick
Outstandingly innovative

Adhesive attachment*, special attachment system, specifically designed for INSAFE products

This is smart creativity for well-thought-out products

With INSAFE +, you can operate your detector with a remote control.

* INSAFE and INSAFE+ smoke detectors are covered by a CE certificate for a device that is fastened by screws and wall plugs. This device that is fastened by bonding is not covered by the CE marking.

  • All smoke detectors are individually tested
  • Local production lines in Europe for reinforced quality inspections.

A combination of credibility and safety

Outstandingly reliable
Outstandingly efficient

Confidence, reliability and high performance

  • INSAFE Smart Care© technology: the presence of smoke in the air is detected within less than 15 seconds
  • Alarm power: shrill sound (85 db)
  • Single-body smoke detector: no useless or dangerous mobile components.

This unique smoke detector meets every safety requirement for each type of accommodation.

The thinnest and the most compact smoke detector on the market!

Our positioning: high-quality and well-designed products made in France

The coolest smoke detector.

The most colourful smoke detector with a minimal design.

This discrete and smart detector suits any room.